Strike! Magazine

STRIKE! is a quarterly magazine and organise events across London. We are committed to platforming grassroots movements and the creative culture of these fights.

STRIKE Magazine seeks to present new and alternative looks at art, criticism, poetry, fiction, music and culture to the public and to provide and independent publishing medium for artists and writers.

STRIKE Magazine is a completely independent publication. It is supported at a grassroots and community based level. 

How the Daily Mail inadvertently helped us help migrants in Calais.

We have been using the Daily Mail £1 ferry offer to help and support refugees in Calais. 
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Interacting with bus stop advertising spaces

Anarchy in the bus lane: how protesters quietly took over London’s streets.
Strike Magazine created the original designs for people to download. 
The posters were designed as part of a campaign called called Totally Pointless Policing. The campaign aims to counter previous police campaigns that they claim are “trying to convince us – and themselves – that they’re not violent, racist and corrupt”.
Strike!’s campaign explains: “It’s propaganda pure and simple: they want us to forget that they murdered Mark Duggan, an unarmed civilian, and caused the 2011 riots; they’d rather you didn’t talk about being 28 times more likely to be stopped and searched in London if you don’t have white skin;

Guerrilla Attack on the Commercialization of Christmas (and Public Space)