Art no Cube


We initiate projects under our own label and we develop, curate and produce events commissioned by third parties. But whatever we do, we’re always drawn to innovative projects that cross the boundaries between the fields of art, technology, digital culture and social change.

Art no Cube is a creative initiative set up in 2006. Organizing events and curating programmes for arts and cultural organizations, festivals, exhibitions, events and agencies. We work close with artists, technologists and designers to craft innovative experiences and projects across art, moving image and interactive media. Always exploring interaction between the fields of art ,Politics, technology and digital culture.

We are an international crew of curators, project managers and producers with roots in Amsterdam, São Paulo, Sydney, London and Los Angeles.



Art no Cube events

As Art No Cube we initiate and produce our own art projects, to showcase the incredible talent in our network of artists and creatives. Some of our events:

CRAZE Out of London’s esteemed urban sprawl, across the Atlantic, across the American Mid-West, to the streets and shores of Los Angeles, CRAZE brings to the public eye, seven rebellious innovators, political provocateurs, wits and poets, members of the biggest art movement in the 21st Century. Passionate troublemakers who continuously paint and rework the city backdrop, treating the streets as an ever-changing canvas, competing with the congestion of corporate advertisement, with developer led gentrification and council sanitization programs. 

Shoreditch Live is more than a pop-up gallery. It’s a multimedia art experience in the streets of Shoreditch. Once a month – during London’s Gallery Walk – we take over Sclater Street for a free event with live music, a pop-up bar, performances and a dedicated exhibition of one of our artists. This year's editions will take place in June, July, August and September.

PINCH is an international art project that deals with the concepts of identity, illegality and anonymity. At the heart of this project is a series of mugshots from renowned and upcoming new street artists. The mugshots will be post on walls around the world turnning the artists into art. In the end, PINCH will be a big register of the current street art scene through an artistical perspective.

OUT THERE is a bi-monthly event showcasing innovative art, freestyle creativity and work from inspiring trouble makers. Out There is a unique event aimed at creative professionals. It offers them a double doses of inspiration and a unique network opportunity.






The power to inspire, to provoke, to make people feel, create hope, desire. Art is the power to challenge, to mobilize, to unite, to revolt, to force social change. Art is power; it has a voice, an emotion, an opinion. It pulls people in conversation; about the corrupt, the wrong, the injustice, the subversive.


The artist is the rebel. The troublemaker, the activist, the creative insurgence that defies order and the status quo. The bravery of these restless spirits is what inspires Art No Cube to do whatever it can to shine a spotlight on their work, spread their word and reach as many people as possible. Their mission is our mission. Their songs are our songs. We will carry their poems, painting, photos and installations or whatever form or shape their art embodies. We will promote their dreams, and push the change they have envisioned.



We want to be the voice of the radical artist; the dreamer who’s craving to share his vision with the world. This voice doesn’t always fit on the white walls of a gallery. More often than not, this voice needs to be heard on the streets, in neighborhoods, in public places and malls, in bars and restaurants or in your daily commute.

We will bring these voices to where they need to be heard.

Our audience is the tribe of critical thinkers. Men and women who want to be provoked, who don’t hide for radical ideas but seek out the uncomfortable thinking necessary to make change happen.