London to Los Angeles, from the perpetually overcast to the consistently sun soaked, Art No Cube is pleased to announce CRAZE, an exhibition of contemporary street art and a bridge between the two world renowned centers of counter culture.

Opening Reception May 12, 7-10PM, The Whole 9 Gallery

London is an eclectic hub of international artists who flock to this Metropol to explore, to find their voice, to create and to inspire culture. This vibrant city has made a name for itself with high quality art and it's been recognized as the global center of emerging culture and trends. Street Art is one of the most prominent and influential art forms to be found in London; this ever changing canvas of subversive ideas has become the biggest artistic movement of the 21st Century, attracting international visitors, art professionals and fellow artists.


Street art has given artists a revolutionary way of communicating and expressing their views and commentary. Work that promotes social change and makes radical thinking accessible for big audiences. Street art has proven to serve as a powerful tool to raise awareness and create social resistance. And social media has amplified this, allowing people to spread the work and interact with the artists. 


Craze will bring the latest and best work of these artistic trouble makers to Los Angeles. It will showcase the rebellious, the innovative, the political, the provocative and the critical. We invite you to experience an art show of freestyle creativity and feel the London vibe from up close and to become part of this exciting conversation.

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Exploring themes of mass social behaviour and the human condition, her work contains a grisly, humorous narrative that vividly expresses her morbidly curious nature, and the more awkward questions regarding social facade, the inner-self and humanity’s constant struggle between the two.

Pang continued developing her oil painting whilst exploring a very different world in street art, and began to integrate Old Master copies into her murals. Casting a stark contrast whilst inextricably sealing the two art forms in spite of their cultural and social distance.

Aida Wilde

A political refugee from the Middle East, Artist and social-warrior, Aida Wilde stands alone as an East London institution in every field she tackles. Wilde’s editions seamlessly bridge the gap between heavily graphic political cyphers and fine art editions that push the boundaries of contemporary print techniques.

In addition to her tireless campaigning for women’s rights, gentrification and education, Wilde utilises her two decades worth of print experience to create boundary-breaking editions that defy all expectation and masters techniques that most printers are yet to grasp. Wilde’s work has exhibited internationally from Paris to Londons’s Victoria & Albert museum, and more recently in a joint show with street artist Rowdy in Bristol.