Chewing Gum Man Guerrilla Tour @ Tate modern

Art No Cube presents the creative and the mesmerising talents of Ben Wilson. Miniaturist painter, environmentalist and story teller. Ben’s unusual choice of canvas is widely acclaimed by the international press and London’s street art scene. A celebrity known and loved for his works all over the world, he devotes his time to transforming the disposed gum into something beautiful as a way to legalise pavement painting and to question the definition of art. 

We bring you an exhibition tour of his most prized pieces and reveal the touching stories behind them - it's an experience you won't forget. 

About the artist
Lying on the floor covered in smatterings of paint, it’s hard not to notice him. People are drawn to his vulnerability and his easy nature. Inspired by the stories of passers by, people he meets and his own experiences (some of which have been extremely difficult for him), Ben’s art is a patchwork of interlocking pieces of a much larger puzzle. His interest in how each experience connects to another is key to understanding the sometimes murky and mysterious meaning behind his work. Ben is often reluctant to give away his answers, encouraging people to draw their own conclusions of their place and effect upon the world. A multitude of themes run through his work, including connectivity, human nature, understanding, environment, defiance and imprisonment.

Painting his gum pictures for over a decade, Ben Wilson has had to fight for his position on our pavements. His painstaking process of painting the gum is a labour of love and Ben spends hours weaving messages and stories for the people he meets, of their relationships, politics and his own observations on life. His art is touched in places with elements of his tongue-in-cheek humour, and his disarming kindness means he's always surrounded by admiring fans. 

After many run-ins with the police and security guards, getting beaten up and even a stint in prison, his journey has not been an easy one. A wood carver by trade, and known for his sensitive, likeable and humble nature, Wilson's commitment to his craft and dogged nature is testament to his success. 

As a humanist and environmentalist, issues of people, politics and the world around us are important for him to communicate through his works. Despite the ongoing daily hardships he faces and the devastation at having hundreds of his pieces systematically destroyed, Ben will never give up telling his stories.  


Art no Cube

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